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short_storiesThe New Century of South African Short Stories is a major, new anthology which revisits our storytelling from a ‘post-apartheid' perspective. 

The selection ranges from San and African oral tales to contemporary works. Acknowledged talents like Pauline Smith, Herman Charles Bosman, Can Themba, Nadine Gordimer, Abraham H de Vries and Hennie Aucamp share the pages with story writers from the recent past including H I E  Dhlomo and Alex La Guma, and with writers from the present day:  Ahmed Essop, Njabulo S Ndebele, Peter Wilhelm, Antjie Krog and Zoë Wicomb, among them.  Translations - many especially commissioned for this anthology - ensure representation in English of South Africa's cultural diversity.

From Bosman's classic ‘Oom Schalk' yarns to Casey Motsisi's shebeen sketches, from the San storyteller //Kabbo for whom ‘a story is like the wind' to Gordimer's bizarre version of a children's tale ‘Once upon a Time', The New Century of South African Short Stories conveys the perennial fascination of the story in all of our lives.

Story - Michael Chapman says in his Introduction - is this country's most lively, various and accessible form of literary expression.  Whereas the novel captured the big theme of apartheid, the story in its surprising flexibility is suited to a society that suddenly has to reinvent itself:  to retell its story, or stories.  Or to find new stories.

Compiler of the companion anthology, The New Century of South African Poetry (2003), Michael Chapman is professor of English at the University of KwaZulu-Natal.  His numerous publications include A Century of South African Poetry (1981), The Drum Decade: Stories from the 1950s (1989;  2002) and Southern African Literatures (1996;  2003).

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