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A Century of SA Poetry
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a_century_of_sa_poetry This is the most comprehensive anthology to date of South African English poetry, from its beginnings in the work of Thomas Pringle, Frederic Brooks and Andrew Geddes Bain (all writing in the 1820s) to the apocalyptic Soweto voices of the 1970s.  The emphasis falls after 1870 when, under the impetus of new industrial pressures, South African poetry began to reflect dilemmas which have become the abiding concern of the twentieth century.  Half the book is devoted to the post-1960s during which time South African poets have emancipated themselves from a literary colonialism.

This anthology recognises both the ‘traditional' and the ‘radical', and challenges many assumptions about South African English poetry.  In an incisive Introduction Michael Chapman refutes the claim that South African English poetry is narrowly an ‘educated man's affair'.  Instead, his wide-ranging and often daring selection reveals this poetry's full rich diversity.

Ad. Donker (Pty) Ltd

First published 1978

Reprinted 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982 

ISBN 0 949937 56 8 (paperback)

ISBN 0 949937 46 0 (hardback)

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