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doulas_livingston1 Douglas Livingstone has won both local and international acclaim.  His Africa of animals, veld, rivers, and vulnerable human beings reflects a subcontinent in transition:  from a colonial past in the 1960s, through political tension in the 1970s and 80s, to the 1990 and new challenges of contemporary times.  At the same time Livingstone, a scientist by profession, embraced internationalism:  love, desire, urban loneliness, humour, the dreams and nightmares of individuals in a puzzling universe.  He won the prestigious CNA award in 1984 for his first Selected Poems, an edition long out of print.

This new Selected Poems revisits the poet's 40-year career, covering six collections as well as previously unpublished poems.  It has the advantage of the wider perspective, and is able to celebrate Livingstone's life achievement.  As editor Michael Chapman says in his introductory tribute, ‘...Livingstone's commitment to Africa is to its endurance:  to the health of its water, to its possibility of physical, human and spiritual renewal'.

Douglas Livingstone died in 1996.  The new Selected Poems makes available, again, the work of a major talent.

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