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Drum Decade
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drum_decadeDrum magazine remains a feature of South African life.  So do its stories of the 1950s.  These stories by black writers pitted an urbane, ironic, a tough city style ¾ that of the jazz musician, the journalist, the tsotsi, the crime writer ¾ against the retribalising obsessions of apartheid.  In 2001 the stories continue to remind us that resilience, defiance and mockery are necessary characteristics of individual freedom, whether in the old or the new South Africa. 

Drum writers such as Es'kia Mphahlele, Can Themba, Richard Rive, James Matthews, Nat Nakasa, Casey Motsisi and Alex La Guma have established themselves as important figures in our literary and cultural life. 

As John Matshikiza says in his Introduction to this new edition of The Drum Decade

These stories are an invaluable part of our missing store of memories ¾ without which we are destined to have no future.

This elusive relationship between the past and the future suggests the possibility of ‘South Africanness'.  Apartheid classified people as groups;  Drum writers valued human beings.  To give substance to the concept of South Africanness remains perhaps our greatest challenge.

University of Natal Press

First edition 1989

Reprinted 1991, 1994

Second edition 2001

ISBN 0 86980 985 7


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