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African Poems of Thomas Pringle
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african_poems_of_thomas_pringle The African poems of Thomas Pringle wrestle with issues that are still alive in South Africa today - racial conflict, political oppression, censorship and the need for freedom of expression. This volume reproduces Poems Illustrative of South Africa which appeared in 1834 and reflects Pringle's residence at the Cape for six years from 1820.

Born in Scotland in 1789 Pringle, as an 1820 settler, recorded and interpreted the life of the Cape Colony, confronted the Governor Lord Charles Somerset on the question of a free press, and condemned British colonial policies and practices as he recognized the essential humanity of the San, Khoi and Xhosa. On his return to Britain he served as Secretary of Anti-Slavery Society and, shortly before his death in 1834, saw his work realized in the Act of Emancipation.

Pringle has been called the ‘father of South African poetry'.  It is a title that would have embarrassed this tireless campaigner for justice and compassion. Despite his enlightened vision, his poems have for several years been out of print. It is fitting that the bicentenary of his birth should be marked by the reissuing, in 1989, of his seminal volume of African poems.

The editors are both well-known literary critics and teachers of South African literature. Ernest Pereira is Professor of English at UNISA and Michael Chapman is Professor of English at the University of Natal, Durban.

University of Natal Press


ISBN 0 86980 686 6

ISBN 0 86980 529 0 (Set)

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