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Perspectives on South African English Literature Contents


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Perspectives on SA English Literature









Thomas Pringle: An Introductory Guide

Ernest Pereira



Olive Schreiner: ‘A Soul Struggling with its Material Surroundings"

Sally-Ann Murray



Landmarks of Literary History: A Black Perspective

Es'kia Mphahlele



Redefining the Canon: The Case for Douglas Blackburn, Stephen Black and Sol T. Plaatje

Stephen Gray



The Early South African Novel of Race

Gareth Cornwell



Roy Campbell's Adamastor: Reading and Re-reading the South African Poems

Sally-Ann Murray and A.E. Voss

Postscript:  Marcia Leveson



William Plomer

Geoffrey Haresnape



Pauline Smith

Stanley G.M. Ridge



Laurens van der Post

David Maughan-Brown



Herman Charles Bosman

L.H. Hugo



A Long Way from Vrededorp: The Reception of Peter Abrahams' Ideas

Kolawole Ogungbesan



Paton the Puritan

Geoffrey Hutchings



The Poetry of Guy Butler

Don Maclennan



At a Distance: Dan Jacobson's South African


Sheila Roberts



Es'kia Mphahlele: man and a Whirlwind

Peter N. Thuynsma



Doris Lessing: In Pursuit of a Martha Quest

M.J. Daymond



Can Themba: Storyteller and Journalist of the

1950s ─ The Text in Context

Michael Chapman



The Novels of Nadine Gordimer

Robert Green



La Guma and Reality in South Africa

David Rabkin



Fugard and the Politics of Human Dignity:

A Note on Boesman and Lena and The Island

Russell Vandenbrouke



The Stereotype and South African English


Vernon A. February



Douglas Livingstone, Ruth Miller and Sydney Clouts:  ‘Radicals' of the Imagination

Cecily Lockett



Bessie Head: A Thematic Approach

LG. Ngcobo



Mtshali, Sepamla, Gwala, Serote and Other Poets

of the Black Consciousness Era in South Africa,

1967 ─ 1984

Mbulelo Vizikhungo Mzamane



J.M. Coetzee

Peter Strauss



Alternative Dreams: Recent South African

Playwriting in English

Temple Hauptfleisch



Fictional Project and the Irruptions of History:

Mongane Wally Serote's To Every Birth Its


Nick Visser



The Rediscovery of the Ordinary:  Some New

Writings in South Africa

Njabulo S. Ndebele



Women and Nature, Women as Objects of

Exchange:  Towards a Feminist Analysis of

South African Literature

Dorothy Driver



Literary Encounter and Cultural Studies:

From Text to Context

Keyan G. Tomaselli and

Johan Muller



Censorship and Literature

Nick Visser



Language, Literature and the Struggle for

Liberation in South Africa

Daniel P. Kunene



The Liberated Zone:  The possibilities of

Imaginative Expression in a State of Emergency

Michael Chapman



Afterword, August 1991




Notes on Contributors





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