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Companion to SA English Literature
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companion_to_sa_english_literature The Companion is the latest and most complete reference work on South African literature and covers a period of almost two hundred years, from 1795 to 1986.  The Companion includes articles on over 450 authors, journals, important works and composite articles on the following:  African-language Literature;  Africana;  Afrikaans Literature;  Anthologies;  Awards and Prizes;  Banned Books;  Biography;  Black Consciousness;  Black Theatre;  Boer War Writing;  British Settlers of 1820;  Censorship;  Criticism;  Dictionaries;  Education;  Expatriate Literature;  Exploration;  History;  Humour and Satire;  Libraries and Museums;  New Black Poetry;  Periodicals;  Popular Literature;  Press and Publishing;  Prose Commentary;  Short Stories;  Translations and Zimbabwean Literature.

The Companion will be an invaluable reference for academics, scholars, librarians and the serious reader of South African Literature.

The Companion has been written and compiled by four of South Africa's most respected academics in the field of South African Literature:

David Adey is head of the Bureau of Teaching Development at the University of South Africa, prior to which he was Professor of English at the University of South Africa, specialising in language in South African English Literature.  He is the editor and compiler of Under the Southern Cross, an anthology of short stories from South Africa.

Ridley Beeton retired in 1984 from his position as professor and head of the English Department of the University of South Africa.  He has done specialist research on Olive Schreiner and is the author of Olive Schreiner: A Short Guide to her Writings.

Michael Chapman is professor of English at the University of Natal, Durban and editor of anthologies including A Century of South African Poetry and Accents co-edited by Tony Voss.  Chapman has also written critical studies on Douglas Livingstone and South African English Poetry.

Ernest Pereira is professor of English at the University of South Africa and has published numerous articles on South African literature.  He has also done specialist research on Pauline Smith.

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