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The New Century of South African Short Stories Contents
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Short Stories



Story: an Introduction

Part One    Oral Past

Myths, fables, legends, tales/stories suggesting ancient or olden times

The Sun is Thrown into the Sky

The Girl who Made Stars

The Young Man who was Carried off by a Lion

Nkulunkulu, the One who Came First

How Death Entered the World

Maqinase, the Wily One

The Bird that Made Milk

The Child with a Moon on his Chest

The Man who Threw away his Bread

Part Two    Colonial to Modern

1800s - 1970s

//Kabbo                                   ‘A Story is like the Wind'

Pulvermacher                           Prayer of Titus Tokaan

H.W. Nevinson                        Vae Victis

Eugène N. Marais                   The Grey Pipit

Sarah Gertrude Millin                 Up from Gilgal

Pauline Smith                           The Sisters

R.R.R. Dhlomo                         The Death of Masaba

Herman Charles Bosman           Funeral Earth

C. Louis Leipoldt                       The Tree

H.I.E. Dhlomo                           The Barren Woman

Es'kia Mphahlele                     Down the Quiet Street

Casey Motsisi                           Kid Playboy

Can Themba                             Crepuscule

Alex La Guma                           A Matter of Taste

Abraham H. de Vries                 The Girl with the Bra-Pistol

Jan Rabie                               Maiden Outing to Rondebosch

Chris Barnard                           Bush

Karel Schoeman                     Seed in a New Earth

Nadine Gordimer                       The Credibility Gap

Part Three    Stories of the 1970s and 1980s

Hennie Aucamp                        The Coat without an End

Ken Barris                                The Questioning

Ahmed Essop                           Hajji Musa and the Hindu Fire-Walker

Nadine Gordimer                       The Termitary

P.J. Haasbroek                         Departure

Bessie Head                           The Wind and a Boy

Christopher Hope                      The Fall of the British Empire

Maud Motanyane                      Two Minutes

P.T. Mtuze                               The Way to Madam

Njabulo S. Ndebele                    Death of a Son

Marguerite Poland                     The Wood-ash Stars

Jayapraga Reddy                       The Spirit of Two Worlds

Peter Wilhelm                           Jazz


Part Four    Stories of the 1990s


Abraham H. De Vries                Ruins

Nadine Gordimer                      Once upon a Time

Stephen Gray                           The Building Site

Liz Gunner                               Cattle Passing

Maureen Isaacson                     I Could Have Loved Gold

Ashraf Jamal                            The Beggar-Guest

Lekotse's Testimony at the TRC

(retold by Antjie Krog)             The Sheep-herder's Tale

Sindiwe Magona                        The Sacrificial Lamb

John Matshikiza                         Of Renaissance and Rhino Stew

The Purple Man in my Bantustan

Rosemary H. Moeketsi               Guilty as Charged

Sheila Roberts                           Carlotta's Vinyl Skin

Riana Scheepers                        Book

Ivan Vladislavić                           The WHITES ONLY Bench

Marlene van Niekerk                   Labour

Eben Venter                              Tinktinkie

Zoë Wicomb                              Another Story


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