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Soweto Poetry 2007 - Contents


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Literary background

Peter Abrahams

from Tell Freedom

H.I.E. Dhlomo

from "Zulu Folk Poetry"

Nat Nakasa

"Writing in South Africa"

Mongane Serote

from "The Nakasa World"

N. Chabani Manganyi

"The Early Years": Interview with Es'kia Mphahlele

Miriam Tlali

"In Search of Books"

David Maughan Brown

"Black Criticism and Black Aesthetics"

Bob Leshoai

"Traditional African Poets as Historians"

Thami Mnyele

"A New Day"

Contemporaneous reviews

Christopher Hope

"Dark Identity": To Whom It May Concern

Jean Marquard

"Shocking Insights": Oswald Mtshali's Sounds of a Cowhide Drum

Christopher Hope

"The Poet in the Abattoir": Mongane Serote's Yakhal'inkomo

Lionel Abrahams

"Political Vision of a Poet": Mongane Serote's Tsetlo

Aggrey Klaaste

"Poetry that our Kids should Read": Mongane Serote's No Baby Must Weep

Alex Levumo

Mongane Serote's No Baby Must Weep

Christopher van Wyk and Fhazel Johennesse

Mongane Serote's Behold Mama, Flowers

Barend J. Toerien

Sipho Sepamla's Hurry Up to It!

Mothobi Mutloatse

"Sepamla Tightens the Loose Screws: Sipho Sepamla's The Blues is You in Me Vernie February

Sipho Sepamla's The Soweto I Love

Cherry Clayton

"Mafika Gwala's Jol'iinkomo: Straddling Praise Song and Jive"

John Tucker

"The Minstrels of Africa": Ingoapele Madingoane's Africa my Beginning

Howard Barrell

Fhazel Johennesse's The Rainmaker

Michael Chapman

Christopher van Wyk's It is Time to Go Home

James Matthews

Foreword to Essop Patel's They Came at Dawn

Es'kia Mphahlele

"Fireflames: Mtshali's Strident Voice of Self-assertion"

M.K. Malefane

"The Sun will Rise": The Allahpoets at the Market Theatre, Johannesburg.

Views / interviews

Mafika Gwala

"Letter to Richard Rive"

James Matthews

Introduction to Cry Rage!

Ursula A. Barnett

Interview with Oswald Mtshali

Oswald Mtshali

"Mtshali on Mtshali"

Oswald Mtshali

"Black Poetry in Southern Africa: What it Means"

Mongane Serote

from "Feeling the Waters"

Michael Chapman

Interview with Mongane Serote

Sipho Sepamla

"The Black Writer in South Africa Today: Problems and Dilemmas"

Sipho Sepamla

"The Frankfurt Book Fair: Impressions of a First Visit Abroad"

"Medupe Writers Association"

"About Staffrider"


Fhazel Johennesse and Neil A Williams


Essop Patel

"An Excerpt from a Letter"

Nick Visser

from "Staffrider: An Informal Discussion": Interview with Mike Kirkwood

Achmat Dangor

Interview with Christopher van Wyk


Lionel Abrahams

"Black Experience into English Verse: A Survey of Local African Poetry, 1960-70"

Kelwyn Sole

"Changing Literary Activity in Black South Africa, Pre- and Post-Sharpeville" N. Chabani Manganyi

from "The Censored Imagination"

Mbulelo Mzamane

from "Literature and Politics among Blacks in South Africa"

Douglas Livingstone

from "The Poetry of Mtshali, Serote, Sepamla and Others in English: Notes towards a Critical Evaluation"

Peter Horn

"When it Rains, it Rains: U.S. Black Consciousness and Lyric Poetry in South Africa"

Mafika Gwala

"Black Writing Today"

Tony Emmett

"Oral, Political and Communal Aspects of Township Poetry in the Mid-seventies

Gareth Cornwell

"James Matthews's "‘Protest Songs': The Problem of Evaluation"

Njabulo S. Ndebele

"Artistic and Political Mirage: Mtshali's Sounds of a Cowhide Drum"

Colin Gardner

"Mongane Serote's ‘City Johannesburg': Approaches to a Poem"

Mandlenkosi Langa

"Apocalyptic Vision: Mongane Serote's No Baby Must Weep"

C.T. Msimang

"Ingoapele Madingoane's ‘black trial': A Contemporary Black Epic"

Clive Wake

"Poetry of the Last Five Years"


Select bibliography

Notes on contributors



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