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Green in Black - and - White Times - Contents





Obituary:  Douglas Livingstone (1932-96)

1. ‘Our Uncommon Humanity’

Interlude 1: ‘The Well-Wrought Urn’

2. Grimstown

3. A Ventriloquist’s Voice

4. Berea Rd Hotel

Interlude 2: Black and White

5. ‘An Unredeemable Colonial’

6. ‘Wind of Change’: Sjambok, and Other Poems from Africa

7. White-by-Night City: Eyes Closed Against the Sun

8. ‘Inappropriate Social Manners!’

Interlude 3: Knowing the Man, a Poet of Islam

9. On First Looking into Chapman’s Livingstone

Interlude 4: ‘Bread and Circus’ from Dallas to Soyinka

10. Salt! Campbell, Smuts, Gandhi, Luthuli, Campbell

11. ‘Cracking the Cane at the End of the Day’: The Anvil’s Undertone

Interlude 5: Marching from Pretoria!

12. Casanova in Modern Dress: A Rosary of Bone

13. Livingstone and Gwala

14. Footnotes for…

15. ‘The Passions/of Dolphins’

16. The Science of Poetry, the Poetry of Science

17. ‘Sometime Starmen’

18. Circling Back to Earth

Interlude 6: An Ordinary Bloke?

19. Anxieties of Influence: Livingstone, Breytenbach, Soweto Poets

20. A New South Africa?

21. The Dean of Humanities Invites Two (or Three?) Poets to Lunch

Interlude 7: In Praise of Mazisi

22. South Beach Transients

23. ‘Green’ Livingstone: A Littoral Zone

Interlude 8. Two Ordinary Blokes? Paton and Livingstone

24. Beyond the Biologist’s Microscope

Interlude 9: ‘Who’s this Greybeard?’

25. Modernism in the South

26. Mafika Gwala (1946-2014)

27. A White African?

28. ‘We, Poets, We Try to Entertain’ 

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